Investment MLM Software

We like to introduce our new Investment MLM Software which is the traditional MLM software with new advanced level functions and features,this script is mainly designed for the professionalswho like to invest their amount on the daily investors, downlink chain, level bonus etc. This script is designed for investors to invest in this MLM software scriptrather than saving the money in the bankand getting low interest in the bank. The investor can invest the amount using the stripe international payment gateway and get level bonus based on the membership plan.This script is best known Investment MLM Plan Software.

Investment Plan Script

Investment MLM Software, Investment Plan Script, MLM Investment Plan Software

This Investment Plan Script is one of the impressive MLM business planswhich help you to get profit by investing amount.

Our Investment Plan Script has three different portal log-in for the investor, super and sub-admin to make secure authentication. Here the investors can select their membership plans according to their choice and can register their account with valid mail id and password, then the user can log-in to their profile by building their profile with their details and then by investing their amount based on the membership plan. The investors can view single dashboard which contains profile statistics, user wallet balance, level bonus, referral bonus, and payment statistics.The users can see their every credit & debit details and can search by typing the date.

In our MLM Investment Plan Software the user can additionally refer their friends by adding in their membership plan by just giving direct referral link to the users and where they can get referral commission based on the number of users.

Investment Plan Script User side

In this Investment Plan Script the user have the secure authentication sign-up id, where the user can register their account by selecting the required membership plan. The user can sign-up with the referral sponsor-id and security code. The user can view the clear dashboard where the user account details and profile management are listed where the user can manage their account and payment details. The transactions level and referral bonus are crystal clear displayed to the users like credit and debit details. The amount can be withdrawn from the wallet by approval of the authority admin.

  • Register With Referral Sponsor Id.
  • Multi-Level Membership Plans.
  • Secure Stripe International Payment Gateway.
  • Clear User Profile Statistics View.
  • Simplicity In Earning More Profits.
  • Reward Management.
  • Withdraw Management.
  • User-Friendly Customization.
  • Total Member Turnover Report.
  • Authentication Secure Id System.
  • Transaction and Billing Receipt.
  • Easy Profile Managing and Account Managing.

Investment Plan Script Admin side

In our script the admin can manage the entire site by viewing and accessing the user account details and status of the investment plan, the admin can get profit by having level commission profit and he can able to track of the level 5 bonus history with clear document details. The user withdraw request are approved by the admin, he can approve or decline the user request, by genealogy tree view the admin can view the downline members details like last log-in date, join date, wallet balance and levels etc.The investment and referral commission history can also be viewed and managed by the admin.

  • Adding or removing the mlmplans.
  • Customizing the site templates.
  • Genealogystructure members view.
  • View earning details.
  • SMS management integration.
  • Minimum payout amount details are maintained by admin.
  • Can approve the user withdraw request.
  • Manage user-profile and account settings.
  • Managing general and CMS management.
  • Customized as investment concept.
  • Mailing management system.
  • Tax and TDS management system.

MLM Investment Plan Software


    In our script we have enlarged the level bonus to 5 where the other normal script has only level 3bonuses. The user can upgrade and can view their level 5 bonus account and transactions details. The downline members can also their details like date of join, last log-in date,wallet details etc.


    All the transactions and investments are done by using stripe international payment gateway.


    In ourMLM Investment Plan Software the user can interact with admin by sending and receiving mail, this script is designed as professional portfolio MLM business site with user attractive templates.


    Easy consolidate management of virtual bank account. All the reports related with the transaction are available with the facility to export.


    The admin has major role to control the entire site by viewing and managing, the user can withdraw their amount by submitting the request to the admin and he can able to view the withdrawal request pending or success status, all payments and withdrawal request are approved by admin.


    All the membership management details are available toview, access andeasy to keep of the company profile site details.


    We have developed this Investment Plan Software purely based on the investment concept so the users can invest their amount with our emerging script which is mainly used in the MLM industry.


    The binary tree structure view can help you to see the downline members with their details and referral id.

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