Unilevel Ecommerce MLM Software

Our Unilevel Ecommerce MLM Software will help you to grow your market campaign in the MLM industry with successful profitable multilevel marketing business with advanced features and latest trends functionality, in our software we have used Advanced Open Source Platform to make the site more reliable and robust to the users, and to interact with site as user-friendly, this script is designed mainly for the professional MLM users to get revenue model by using this software and we customize this script based on the user requirement. Our Multi Level Marketing Software has wide range of settings which let you to run profitable MLM business in your own way.

Unilevel Ecommerce Marketing Software

Unilevel Ecommerce Marketing Software

Our Unilevel Ecommerce Marketing Software is provided with advanced multilevel marketing solution to enhance your online marketing for the product.In our Multilevel Marketing Software the MLM company users can manage and run their selling business more efficiently with our advanced mlm software features like 3x3 matrix level plan which makes the new users get into system the upline users up to three levels will get bonus in their account, then the downline plan limits to 3 users and get level commission. We have included referral bonus where the user can refer their friends by using direct referral link and get the bonus on their account wallet.

We also included Genealogy which can be used to visually present your members in the hierarchy structure with up-lines and down-lines which helps you to manage and control the network with our featured function and also rank is provided to the users based on the performance.The user can buy the product which is displayed with clear view layout with company details, contact information, product image and description, the payment processing is done through the secure online payment gateway.

Unilevel Ecommerce MLM Software User Dashboard

In this Unilevel Ecommerce MLM Software the user can have secure authentication registration process where the new users can get into the system with referral sponsor id with valid user’s details like mail id and mobile number and nominee detail, then the users can log-in and view the clear view of banners with sliders, product listings, recent reviews and update news.The user can buy the product by seeing the products descriptions, images, experience and reviews ratings, the user can add the product to the cart and can order the product by making online secure payment transactions.

  • User member profile and account details.
  • Register with referral sponsor id.
  • Crystal clear view of the products.
  • Advanced search bar filter.
  • Clear-view of downline members.
  • Binary tree view.
  • User-view on payout calculations.
  • Withdraw balance and ledger account report.
  • User-commission based on theplan.
  • E-wallet integration.
  • East search of all mlm plans in one place.
  • Supports various mlm compensation plan.

Supports various mlm compensation plan.

In our Unilevel Ecommerce MLM Software, the user can withdraw their wallet amount by submitting the request to the admin, the admin has the major role to supervise and control over the site, and he can accept or decline the user request. The wallet transactions details and payments can be done in direct bonus and in-direct bonus, the admin can maintain the reward status of the user, after completing the achievements of the user and also the admin can add or delete existing plans which are used in the system and also manage the general CMS page settings.

  • Can create different types of plans.
  • Support multiple online payment gateways.
  • Manage effective account management.
  • Easy payout analysis.
  • Responsive custom design.
  • Member turnover report
  • Auto email and SMS integration.
  • Genealogy view member details.
  • Easy access to the referral bonus.
  • Admin can view level commission up to 4 levels.
  • Easy tracking of the products and the details.
  • Can maintain robust-information, meets flexibility and more scalability.

Unilevel Ecommerce MLM Software Features


    E-Wallet facility ensures that every member receives their own transaction in their e-wallet account in our MLM software, it resembling bank account. All funds including commissions, e-pin generated, fund added, fund removed and membership fees all will be displayed as transactions.


    This binary tree plan which can be used to visually present your members in the hierarchy structure with up-lines and down-lines which helps you to manage and control the network with our featured function and also rank is provided to the users based on the performance.


    Upgrade membership plan is highly useful for MLM business when member reached the target their level will be changed into high and obtain commission. You can view the upgrading member’s details that are upgrading their position to next level.


    In this script, the user can able to view the clear income statement by two methods one is thedirect method and another one is In-direct method.


    The user can able to manage the profile management by viewing and editing the profile details like name, profile picture, and other common user settings.

  • Mail systems

    The user can send mail to the admin to make interaction and communication with admin and users, they can able to view the read and unread mails.

  • Secure withdraw payments

    The user amount can be withdraw by submitting the request to the admin or by sending the message to the admin,the user can also cancel the withdraw request by cancelling the withdraw request.


    This module will calculate commissions as per business plan details provided by the client. It will support most of the business plan calculations such as Direct Income, Referral Bonus, Retail Profit, Binary Income, Matching Bonus, Level Income, Generation Income, Re-purchase Income, Leadership Bonus, Awards and Rewards and more. This module is fully customizable as per client requirement.

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