Dogecoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dash Clone Software

In this digital currency emerging world, Our Initial Coin Offering is the best impact can create on your own to place a remarkable print in the order of crypto coins. We are the strategic planning creators to develop your own cryptocurrency coin purely based on your view of developing the coin thus we help you to structure and to announce it also as a crypto coin that can be used for the trade over a market. The accelerative increment in the field of digital coins, we present the wide range of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) services to determine the efforts used from us to accomplish fulfill you with our newly designed cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin / Dash Clone Software Features

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Our world-class team holds background participative knowledge on the development of successfully ICO Tokens and makes to reach the end of the ICO launch.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is realistic revenue making business for the investors to invest in a flat currency that brings back to you as a digital currency. Once the ICO is launch is done with the other crypto coins trade in the market then ultimately it leads you to be more profitable that will touch the peak overflow in rising up. Our fortunate invent of crypto tokens after the launch in the market is occur that your coin will be reached to the coin users initially for the trade of investment.

Originally, we have to estimate the range of capabilities in market value for the coin which has to invest and buy it for them. Then from the side of investors, they will exchange it for the BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrency form based on the value of the coin fixed market volume supply cap updated. The exchanged coin is stored in the secure digital wallet which has safe in payment of integration that is maintained through the admin panel. Also, we support you up in the start of the digital coin foundation that has marketing strategies to keep encourage above the crowd to make your coin familiar.

Dogecoin / Dash Clone Software User Side

Through the Initial Coin Offering, the user can make the trade easily with the newly developed crypto coin by invest the flat currency to buy it and then can exchange it any of the real world cryptocurrency in the market later can modify the coin to the flat currency through the cryptocurrency exchanger.

  • Make The Investment
  • Trade In The Crypto Coin
  • Analyze Market Cap Supply
  • Exchange To Real Coin
  • Drop Coin In Wallet
  • Crypto Coin To Currency
  • Profitable Trade In ICO
  • Option Of Change To Coin
  • Get Support From Team
  • Secure Payment Integrate
  • Verified Trade Platform
  • Trade Both Coin and Currency

Dogecoin / Dash Clone Software Admin Side

ICO has to be done marketing after the launch of our coin that content ideation to make the impact of your coin, the distribution of releases in social media. Also, admin is the authorized person to handle the wallet and exchange maintenance in its dashboard to command the users in the new system.

  • Own Coin Structure
  • Whitepaper Ideation
  • View Of Research
  • Smart Contract Discuss
  • Launch The ICO
  • Make ICO To Trade
  • Support To The Customer
  • Control Of Dashboard
  • Allow For The Exchange
  • Real Coin Development
  • Develop Wallet To Store
  • Blockchain Maintenance

Dogecoin / Dash Clone Software Development

  • Whitepaper Ideation

    Includes whitepaper draft services which are known as a blueprint for the creation of new crypto coin as on your own building process in a high progress to create the awareness about your brand new development.

  • Smart Contact

    Safely plan of the sides of both developer and client which is a set of coded instructions which runs from the initial stage of development to the end that acts as an agreement as a fixed idea to create and cannot change it.

  • Launch ICO Token

    After the structure prescribed in the whitepaper ideation, we done the coin model then have to launch it in the market for the investors to purchase their own needed unit of a coin and whenever change it on their wished form.

  • Design Of Dashboard

    Every process happened in the launch of ICO then the design of dashboard for both user & admin dashboard to manage their activities in it and the admin has rich power dashboard to control the entire process of ICO system.

  • Development Of Wallet

    The digital wallet is the place to drop every penny of a crypto coin we trade by buying or mining and it can be decentralize use for the any of the purpose user wish to fee for the payment or shift to the real currency on our own.

  • Exchanging Services

    ICO Token exhaust in a market then it means it was designed to exchange some other real-world present crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.., that is stored in the digital wallet includes an option to change to flat currency.

  • Real Coin Creation

    Once the ICO token is reached in the market of cryptocurrency traders means the coin has become the familiar in the market then make it as the real coin as like the list of implemented crypto coin applicable for the trade.

  • Blockchain Integration

    In our new ICO launch venture, we are ready to provide you the blockchain integration to your own cryptocurrency coin will be the better groundwork to lay a more profit in your customized efficient platform throughout the world.

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