E-commerce MLM Software

Ecommerce integration in MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) is become vital in the MLM software business. Ecommerce is typically buy and sell business industries, with the help of the MLM in ecommerce (affiliated marketing) sponsor person can get more income comparing to order business in the market. For our analysis team MLM is a basically the money orientated industries and ecommerce is businessorientationindustriestogether it will be productive business model for those who buy our E-Commerce MLM Software. PHP MLM Software help to integration two different platform (Ecommerce and MLM) in together and made a complete highly yield business orientation software.

E-commerce MLM

MLM Ecommerce Software has been design with the advance features that will help the customer to make the high profit gain. With help of our expert design we have integrated both the MLM and ecommerce with the amazing UI design.Main important Feature in ecommerce is buying and selling these features is come together with Affiliated MLM features like purchasing bonus; level commission, repurchase bonus and referral bonus are integrated and developed by our finest developer in our team. We will assure you our Ecommerce MLM script will kick start the new business in to the next appropriate level with our any doubt. Each and every module in our Ecommerce MLM software is built with serious of analysis and research.

E-Commerce MLM User Side

Ecommerce MLM script is the high recommend script in the MLM market, we have developed with various features that will suitable to our client’s business model and integrated with the high mathematical algorithms to simplify the complex task.

Ecommerce MLM script has so many amazing features we are here to share with you with some of the important features that are you need to know. Here is some User Side of the features:

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • User profile update
  • User profile image
  • Upgrade membership
  • Genealogy tree structure
  • User wallet
  • Discount Coupon System
  • Cart management
  • Checkout pages
  • User withdrawal request
  • User withdrawal pending
  • Withdrawal amount
  • Referral payout
  • Level payout
  • Purchase product details
  • Purchase commission
  • Repurchase bonus
  • Transaction management

Ecommerce MLM Admin Side

MLM Ecommerce Website Development on admin side will get all option to edit and add in to the system. Admin can view the list of option in the system. Easily accessible admin panel so admin can view all the site statistics on the dashboard. Admin have full authority to control the site.

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Total number of user in system
  • Total number of product
  • Total number of Sale
  • Total number of revenues
  • Total number of referral bonus
  • Total number of level bonus
  • Product management
  • Genealogy management
  • Payout management
  • Membership management
  • E-pin management
  • Reward management
  • Withdrawals management
  • Wallet management
  • General settings
  • Slider setting
  • CMS setting (About us, Terms and condition, Privacy policy)
  • Logo management
  • Payment type (key) management
  • Internal mail system
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Newsletters

E-commerce MLM Software Features


    Genealogy will be shown 3 levels in user side. The best and simple way to represents the hierarchical relations of members are with up lines and down lines. The genealogy structure over all view of the system works and explore the down line user and their sponsor person each system have different genealogy it can be customized based on the client’s requirement.


    Other main important features are wallet management each user’s wallet is management all bonuses and reward will stores is like virtual bank. User can use the wallet for upgrading the membership or can buy the products.


    Ecommerce MLM has 3 level commissions. Level commission can be managed by admin, each level completion will reflected in genealogy. Each level completion the level bonus will be deposited in to sponsor user (upline user) for a client the level can be customized base on the requirements.


    The best form MLM systems always have the reward or incentive in the MLM system; it helps the increase the product sale in the MLM system. We are offering the best Leader bonus for the MLM member in the Affiliated MLM scripts.


    In our Affiliated MLM script is providing membership management where admin can manage the membership package and price in the MLM system. Based on the package the referral and level bonus will be calculated and deposited in user’s wallet.


    Internal Mail system is one best feature in the Affiliated MLM script, with the help of the internal message the user can sent message to other user and ask the quires to the admin.


    This Binary tree structure view the individual has received compensation from the sales of the downline members, and it has commission details and referral Id.

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