MLM Insurance Plan Software

Many MLM industries have only limited features in the readymade script, but we are only one in the market providing the most of all the features for our clients. We have 20 Plus MLM script, but this is highly recommended script. MLM Insurance Plan Software is the one of the kind of different comparing other MLM like binary, ecommerce, affiliated MLM etc..,Insurance MLM Plan Script is suitable for any kind of business.

Insurance MLM plan is the most important; where user will get the commission based on the insurance plan the user have purchase.Like other MLM script Insurance MLM plan have referral and level commission form respective downline users.

MLM Insurance Plan Software

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MLM Insurance Software at the time of taking the insurance plan, the referred user will get the commission and 3 level (it can be customized by client’s requirement) will get by upline users (the level commission is managed by admin based on the rank system). Rank system each user after joining admin upline user will set the level of rank to the system, based on that user will get the amount level bonus.

Admin will add the list companies they are going to provide the insurance plan at the time of registration user need to select the company to join. By selecting the company the user will get the payment form the company and all the referral, level commission and groups’ sale commission will be generated. Insurance MLM plans will be posted by admin, user have authority of the renewal the insurance plan and adding the new member in the insurance plan. In insurance MLM plan can get the group sale commission form the company.

MLM Insurance Plan Software(user side)

Insurance MLM software is a simple and easy to understand the business plan and help everyone to join and gain more profit to everyone in the MLM system. With our User Interface (UI) user will get the clear idea of overall Insurance Multi-Level-Marketing.

Everyone can become the part of the Insurance MLM software. Our script will create your own powerful Insurance MLM website and make your company brand.

List of important functionality user can manage in our insurance MLM software plan

  • User profile management
  • User profile image
  • Genealogy tree structure
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • User wallet
  • Rank management
  • Approval the downline users
  • Group sale
  • User withdrawal request
  • User withdrawal pending
  • Withdrawal amount
  • Referral payout
  • Level payout
  • Purchase product details
  • Purchase commission
  • Transaction management

MLM Insurance Plan Software(admin side)

MLM Insurance Plans have the responsive mobile design it is suitable to all kind of mobile (Android and ISO mobile) and tablets. To save your time we are providing the installation work and server configuration of our script after purchase of our script.List of important functionality admin can manage in our insurance MLM software plan

  • Total number of user in system
  • Total number of product
  • Total number of sales
  • Total number of revenues
  • Total number of referral bonus
  • Total number of level bonus
  • Genealogy management
  • Payout management
  • Reward management
  • Withdrawals management
  • Wallet management
  • General settings
  • Slider setting
  • CMS setting (About us, Terms and condition, Privacy policy)
  • Logo management
  • Internal mail system

Insurance MLM Software Features


    Insurance MLM genealogy structure on admin side based on the company the tree structure will be viewed, in hierarchical structure user will be placed on the spillover concept. Each user in tree can view the list downline user.


    User can be managed by the admin, where all the details will be managed by the admin. Admin or sponsor person can set the downline user’s roles (based on the user’s roles level commissionand referral commission will be credited).


    The commission like referral, level, sale,group’s sale is credited on user’s wallet. Commission will be managed by the admin by view the list of payout generated in the system. Each time user need to request the amount to withdrawal to admin (admin can have the feature of detecting TDS and admin charges).


    The main feature in our script is payment gateway it is all customizable as per client’s requirement (pay pal, Payu money, Payeer and crypto currency) any payment gateway will be integrated.


    CMS is manageable in our all MLM script, where other MLM script will not provide the features of managing all CMS pages and main website script page. On admin dashboard admin canedit any features in CMS pages. No need to help from the designer to to update your thought in the CMS pages.


    Internal Mail system is one best feature in the Affiliated MLM scripts, with the help of the internal message the user can sent message to other user and ask the quires to the admin


    Partner Management is including user can view & edit profile, Renewal, Confirmation of Membership.


    Admin can view the member tree in a "upside down" tree format. It also includes viewing information like which member has sponsored which other people and other vital details including Joining data, Product Purchase, Sponsor and parent Details etc.

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