Multilanguage MLM Unilevel Plan Software

Unilevel MLM plan business is one of the least difficult ideas to start a businessnetworkand grow higher and higher in the MLM industry. In which each individual or entire team can easily pass on and disclose the Unilevel Plan to new comers and MLM Business members. Here as a user one can sponsor many distributors based on the interest and they should put every one of them on their bleeding edge.As like other compensation plans in Unilevel plan everyone will get same commission rates accordingly with an intense advancing the members income.

Leadership Bonus Calculation

MLM Scripts

Leadership bonus are described for example, let we calculate the bonus step by step.

Leaderships are called as

  • Associate
  • Director
  • Senior Director

If the total monthly business volume be 1000 USD Leadership bonus pool calculated as 3% so 30 USD/.

  • Associate get 10% as 3USD
  • Director get 20% as 6USD
  • Senior Director get 50% as 15USD
Unilevel MLM

Unilevel MLM
Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor Bonus
Level Commission

Level Commission
Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus
Payment Method

Payment Method
Unilevel MLM Plan Structure

Unilevel MLM Plan Structure

Multilanguage MLM Unilevel Plan Software User Side

As its name implies members who take part in Unilevel plan has same level to get pay out without any ranges. According to discuss with many different plans, the profundity is constrained yet at the same time one can step into number of level as much they needed.So the membership plan made impediment inside and distributor’s rolls worldwide. The essential element of a Unilevel MLM Tracking Software pay design is the level commission will be payable for all qualifying members.

Unilevel MLM Tracking Software is designed with PHP and MySQL platform which support unlimited user database and connected with secure PayPal payment gateway with clear coding techniques made your MLM business into the next level. Our experience developer made website to support best UI experience to undergo business in a unique route. Also we offer full source code on purchasing unilevel mlm script without any encryption and perfectly brand free for owning your brand popular among the networks. Apart from the coding style we offer technical support and source code updates without any cost for three months on purchasing due time

Network Marketing Unilevel Software Admin Panel

In unilevel MLM business entire website can be controlled through admin panel without any coding stuff. As an admin rights to manage features such as user profile management, wallet details like Direct CV, Indirect CV, Charge/Commission management, bonus set by admin, user profile management, newsletter control, Payment Log, payment gateways settings etc.

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User Panel for Unilevel MLM

We have added many interesting criteria that Network Marketing Unilevel Softwareworks for user panel. Check out user panel features that helps unilevel business into the next level.

  • Unilevel Compensation plan
  • Referral Sponsor ID
  • Statistics view
  • Level Income
  • 3 level referral bonus
  • Monthly payout
  • Ledger bonus
  • Responsive design
  • Leadership Bonus Pool
  • Quick Start bonus
  • Membership individual payout
  • Affiliate referral URL
  • Tabular Genealogy View
  • Post Login Registration
  • Comprehensive Member Dashboard

Multilanguage MLM Unilevel Plan Software Features


    The user can view and edit their profile account details like name, photo upload, password change, document upload.


    The user can send their Referral URL by just clicking through the social networking links direct to the users.


    The user can track their statics of the payment and transaction details and they can able to get the clear user statics document.

  • Leadership Bonus Calculation

    Leadership bonus are calculated as Associate, Director and Senior Director


    The best and simple way to represents the hierarchical relations of members are with up lines and down lines. We provide you a simplified tree view where the users can explore the network to unlimited levels / generations.


    Through admin panel you can change payment gateway details.


    Sponsor Id is one of the features of MLM business. Through sponsor Id the common Id distributors should know the details about the sponsor person.


    You can manage through admin you can understand which level you are placing in the MLM tree.


    Payment calculation according to the membership plans below, Commission structure can be defined for each level, and make the structure could be a strong MLM feature that motivates your affiliates.


    E-Pin is very useful for MLM companies. Most of the MLM Companies want to sell their products and sign-up through e-pin. By this way, you can collect payment from members. Secured transaction, versatile transaction and reporting system.


    If any clarification is about the MLM script the user can clarify their doubts through admin panel.


    Unilevel MLM is maintaining the regular compensation plans that pay out in 3 levels deep. It has regular bonus based on number of personal referrers, Royalty Bonus Based On % Of Level Commission, and Configurable Payout Deductions (Absolute and Percentage) to run payouts manually, summary of Individual Member Commission and Bonus Figures before Committing Payout.

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