Unilevel MLM Multilanguage Real Estate Software

In the movement of every business, without any drop ever demanding industry is both the Multi-Level Marketing and Real Estate business so just think about the scope of incorporate in MLM with the Real Estate, the result of profit will be imaginary. We are offering the best software solution for Real Estate MLM accounting, management and transactions that blend with the Multi-Level Marketing concepts improves the market value for an exclusive view of the Real Estate marketing business that just dedicated to MLM. Our Real Estate MLM Software is assured profitable for Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Property Agents, and Property owners to rush in their Real Estate Business decisively more profitable in the deal claim for the plots.

Our Unilevel MLM Multilanguage Real Estate Software Services

Real Estate MLM

We are exactly specialist with updated techniques in the development of key features in Unilevel MLM Multilanguage Real Estate to set the platform to run smoothly for the sales inventory of flow, agencies with property management and several more client relationship management with integrated many outstanding features.

The leading deed in our Software is about the commission for the users that purely based on the perception of the admin. Admin only can set the commission analysis for the referrals and level wise. Admin only can eligible to post the sales plots and update the Real Estate the listing of property for sale or rent. As a reputed MLM Development Company, we are committed to serve the best ever MLM Software for the start-up organization in Real Estate listing as well as marketing also we assimilatory your suggestions always appreciable for us to customize better MLM Software For Real Estate to you.

Unilevel MLM Multilanguage Real Estate Software For User End

We exclusively developed our software that reacts friendly with the users to view the statistic about the plot commission details and particular commission and promotion detail from search box they earned, approve of the first level and entire downline users below to the user in the tree view and has option of withdrawal of amount transaction on their own. If there are any queries, can view the contact details and post their inquiry in a feedback form.

Unilevel MLM Multilanguage Real Estate Software For Admin End

Our Real Estate MLM software structured based on the conception of what the admin has only authorized a person to manage the process within this system through master dashboard panel can privilege to the entire allocation rights, location and site settings. Admin has the option of setting the commission amount and minimum withdrawal by the user will be the great preference and can easily maintainable mailing system that sent by the users..

Unilevel MLM Multilanguage Real Estate MLM Software Features

  • Plot Management

    In admin panel, can able to post the plot then view the information with plot ID, name embeds active option. Also, know the aspect of booked plot details.

  • Agent Management

    An agent will join through user registration process and view the plot for sale. Admin comes to know the entire picture of the process of registered agent.

  • Agent Tree

    Admin has many downline agents below to them so can outlook the partner tree with their name, profile id, sponsor name and ID details.

  • Mailing System

    Every communication is occurring through the mailing process by its specific particular mail via search box and better understands it by its subject.

  • Promotion

    Both the user and admin side, promotion details like partner id, name, level and total production on the user side and admin can promote the partner..

  • E-Pin Generator

    The user can download and send the E-pins for the transaction process and admin has the database history of the E-pins that used by the users.

  • Commission Management

    User side views the commission allotted to them and admin has rights to fix the percentage of commission and minimal withdrawal allowed to the users.

  • CMS Management

    Advanced CMS management control by admin panel for the site settings like a modification of the content on every page and change the slider design.

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